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Sales Bootcamp

Improve Your Social Selling Capabilities in an Intensive, Practical and Dynamic Program

Welcome to an intensive 3-days Sales Bootcamp designed exclusively for technical managers, engineers and/or designers involved in selling complex products and services.

You will learn how to apply social selling techniques with modern selling tools from start to finish. You will gain more confidence to approach prospects, deliver a strategic storyline, and close deals. And most importantly, you will learn by doing from a set of practical cases, engaging exercises and proactive workshops.

Imagine a high-octane dynamic program in which effective strategic sales communication meets agile selling, startup pitching techniques, improvisation, storytelling, acting and cold calling on the phone or via email. The Sales Bootcamp is a complete package for executives and managers who wants to enhance their sales capabilities, perfect their own selling approach, improve sales results and reach higher targets.

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Apply social selling techniques with modern selling tools from start to finish
Gain more confidence to approach prospects, deliver a strategic storyline and close deals
Learn to connect value-based selling to strategic storylining, startup pitching, improvisation and acting
Learn by doing from a set of practical cases, engaging exercises and proactive workshops
Receive feedback from instructors and peers on current sales challenges
Rehearse and perfect your own sales pitches from your real-case situations


The Sales Bootcamp is designed for technical managers, engineers and/or designers involved in selling complex products and services. It will prepare them for sales tasks beyond their comfort zone by offering a practical set of tools and tips for different situations.

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The program will be extremely useful for

  • Managers from technical backgrounds, who wish to acquire social selling skills
  • Key account managers, who seek to maximize sales’ impact with their customers
  • Senior executives selling in a B2B environment
  • Area/country managers, who are pushing to increase their sales performance
  • Salespersons involved in creative industries and complex engineering products/service e.g. ICT, engineering, design and art, insurance, medical, finance, education and others

Contents and Schedule

The program takes place on three consecutive days, with five to six workshops and dozens of exercises. Three weeks before the start, participants will take part in a pre-module virtual kick-off to align expectations, discuss current sales challenges and explain the pre-assignment task.

The modules will be delivered in Helsinki at Aalto EE’s premises in an environment that encourages active participation and where failing is safe. At the end of the module, participants will take home an assignment to complete together with colleagues in their own organization.

Program Structure

Pre-module period of 2–3 weeks

Virtual kickoff; aligning expectations; individual preparation

Three-day module

Intensive face-to-face sessions with instructors and peers. Prepare to actively participate in discussions, complete in-class exercises and present in front of other participants.

Post-module period of 2–3 weeks

A post-module assignment to complete together with colleagues at your own organization.


Walid O. El Cheikh

Program Manager, Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship

Walid works with entrepreneurial programs and startups at Aalto EE, focusing on developing strategy, business and leadership skills.

He is involved in several programs such as the Game Executive, Innovation in Education, Cleantech Executive, Startup Track and Stora Enso Accelerator Program – a Corporate Accelerator with Executive Education twist.

Walid works closely with executives in the cleantech, gaming and education industries, speaks in conferences and participates in pitching and demo events as a judge.

Walid helps corporate executives and startups to adopt entrepreneurial mindset and skills at Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship. In addition, he facilitates several workshops such as “Pitching & Networking”,
“Happiness in Entrepreneurship”, and “Ideation & Creativity”.

Walid has been involved in Aalto University’s entrepreneurship ecosystem since 2008 as a founder, student and program manager. He holds a MSc in Entrepreneurship with a minor in International Business. His thesis was titled: “Productizing Finnish Education for Export” and it was assigned by FinPro.

Josef Aschl

Sales Catalyst, Entrepreneur, Business Angel

Josef has been helping enterprises to build sales organizations and marketing strategies as well as to effectively position complex goods and services in highly competitive markets for over 15 years.

He has successfully built multi-million-dollar sales channels for customers in fields as diverse as ICT, environmental technology and services, the hospitality sector and banking IT. Josef works with companies ranging from Europe to North America and the Middle East.

Each year, Josef teaches a small exclusive number of university and executive level courses, with a special focus on direct sales, building sales organizations and services marketing.

Josef is a native Austrian and has spent many years in Canada and Germany. His professional training includes an MSc degree from the University of Salzburg and an MBA awarded by the Vienna University of Economics and the Vienna Technical University. Besides managing Aschl Systems (sales consulting) in Munich, Josef is a partner in I2I-Associates (ICT) and NextFloor (VC and angel investments) as well a member of the board of RateBoard.

Mae Hansen

Strategic Communication and Thinking Expert

Mae is an innovative and energetic coach, mentor and executive. She has more than 13 years experience in strategic leadership and executive roles from the financial industry.

In addition, she has been directly involved in nurturing and advising startups for over half a decade, in particular about innovation engagements and strategy. Mae has gathered her extensive experience from three continents and seven distinct markets - USA, Denmark, Estonia, Austria, China, India, Russia.

Mae has been professionally involved in global sales at Merrill Lynch Inc (USA), conducting equity research at Byrne Investment Research (USA), building multi-country strategies at Danske Bank Group (Estonia, Denmark), developing the financial sector as first CEO of FinanceEstonia (Estonia), and scrutinizing startup business models while, at the same time, defining growth opportunities for corporates (e.g. Match-Maker Ventures GmbH (Austria), Daimler Financial Services (Germany).

Mae is a mentor and coach to executives in the corporate as well as in the startup world focusing on strategic thinking and strategic communication. Her knowledge has been recognized by many companies on the Supervisory Board level (e.g. OpusCapita (Estonia, Sweden), WU Executive Academy (Austria), Estonian Co-Operative Bank (Estonia).

Instructors' View

"I have coached people from 5 to 75 years of age about pitching and networking. Whether they were from a startup, a large firm, or a kindergarten, the basic mistakes in selling are down to one simple reason: people do not understand why they are pitching! It is not only about selling products or services for money, but we also need to sell abstract concepts, new ideas and intangible values to different people. It is not easy!” – Walid O. El Cheikh, Pitching and Networking Coach, Aalto EE 

"From the very first moments in our lives we are taught WHAT to think, while the key is to learn HOW to think! Effective strategic communication helps you master one simple tool for HOW to think.”– Mae Hansen, EMBA, New Seven OÜ / The Mindmasters 

”From first contact to the final close, selling is an art that often requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Sales people need practical tools and insights to capture customer value, identify pain points and close the sale in high power dynamic selling processes. It is important to enable them to align their communication with customer need. This boosts both self-confidence and performance by leaps and bounds. – Josef Aschl, MBA, Aschl Systems / NextFloor

Program Fee and Registration

Program Fee

The fee for the Sales Bootcamp is € 3,100 (+ VAT).

Please note that the program fee does not include travel expenses or accommodation. VAT is applicable to private persons and Finnish companies.


Register for the program by October 10, 2018.

Program start