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The Nordics have a record number of growth companies but according to studies, only 0.4% of startups can successfully transform to a scaleup. With our GlobalScaleX program, your company can find a way to overcome the scaling barriers and create your own success story.

GlobalScaleX is a four-month growth camp for fast-growing technology companies that want to build their capabilities to the next stage and keep on growing. With our experts, mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors, you will save years of work by getting all the possible help you need during the four-month program. 

GlobalScaleX offers on-point learnings and tools focusing on the challenges that scaleup companies are facing. Learnings are implemented right away in the business. The program is co-designed by Aalto ENT and BI Norwegian Business School with Nordea Startup & Growth and UK Department for International Trade (DIT). Apply to join the program and develop your scaling strategy with some of the best experts in the field.

GlobalScaleX is part of the Nordic Scalers project, supported by Nordic Innovation, which aims to promote and facilitate the growth of Nordic companies, as well as cross-border collaboration, and strengthen the Nordic ecosystem of growth companies.

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Maximize the scalability by identifying your company´s strengths, competitive advantages, and focus points to unlock growth

Think differently, commercialize, and apply business model innovation and agile ways of working

Lead a growing company from the human, strategic, and entrepreneurial perspectives

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Dr. Shailendra Vyakarnam, Entrepreneurship Educator and co-writer of the best selling Scale-up Manual summarizes why scaling-up is so hard.

Program Benefits

GlobalScaleX is the step to take to get your company to the next level. Enroll two to three of the company's management team members in the program and use the four months to develop your scaling strategy with the help of our trainers and mentors.

Identify where to target resources to maximize growth
Gain new tools and frameworks for scaling
Get inspiration and new ideas from experienced trainers and business mentors
Clarify your business strategy and optimize your business processes


The program is aimed at companies with annual revenue of a minimum of 2M€, personnel of at least ten people, and annual growth figures of at least 20% in the past three years. The business needs to have global potential and scalable technology.

The program is aimed at high-growth companies with global potential and scalable technology. It is designed for the core team (2-3 people) responsible for the primary functions of the company. We are looking for a strong, agile, and motivated team with openness to learn and endurance of changes, and high speed.

When evaluating the program applicants, we consider as an advantage that the company is aligned with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has diversity in its team composition.

Contents and Schedule

The GlobalScaleX program covers the most critical vectors that scaleup companies need to focus on to grow successfully. The program consists of five modules, company-specific mentoring sessions, and a Demo Day. Each theme includes concrete business examples and workshops where you will start to develop your company. The mentoring process will focus more closely on the most crucial pain points for each company.

The program is delivered in two-day modules over a 4-month period. The sessions are interactive and include discussions and workshops. Company-specific mentoring sessions can be tailored to meet your own schedules.

Program Structure

Scale-up Analysis

Identify your company's current state, set future targets, detect the scaling barriers, and select a strategic target based on the allocation of resources

Tools for Scaling

Four two-day modules focusing on development of the company's processes and capabilities

Mentoring Process

Four private mentoring sessions with an expert selected to support your company's unique scaling journey



Ira Lange

Ira Lange's core competencies are relationships in the workplace and the factors that influence behavior and interaction of management and experts. Her coaching and training themes are leadership and management practices, efficient and effective team building, as well as building trust and confidence in the organization. In recent years Lange has also coached executive board members and management teams which have faced leadership challenges in achieving common goal.

Lange is interested in human cognition, emotions and efficiency in workplace environment and in professional context. In addition to leadership coaching and training Lange also trains sales and customer relationship management skills, based on her previous experience as a consultant and sales manager. Lange makes a variety of assessments and inquiries that can be connected to team building and personal development programs.
Lange is a coach, CEO and entrepreneur at Q.motion Oy. She has over 20 years of experience in sales and leadership management e.g.,  Aspectum Consulting, Amos Partners, Bon Stockbrokers, AON Corporation. Lange works in Finland and Baltic countries. She has Masters from the University of Helsinki. She is a certified Business Coach by ICF and team builder, TM.

Shailendra Vyakarnam

Dr. Vyakarnam has combined academic, practitioner and policy interests to provide advice to governments and on the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship education.


He has mentored entrepreneurs and held non-executive directorships of small firms in addition to developing growth programs for SMEs over several years. From 2003 to 2015 he focused on the development of practitioner-led education for entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. His approach has been copied extensively by Institutions.

Dr. Vyakarnam is specialized in board room team development across industries, business growth strategies, mentoring early stage businesses. He is familiar with most industry sectors due to the long experience of working with businesses.

Dr Vyakarnam was awarded "Best Entrepreneurship Professor" at the 2nd Asian Business Schools Awards in 2011. In 2012 he was elected to the prestigious European Academy of Science and Arts.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala has extensive expertise in leadership, especially from the point-of-view of potential development, talent management, individual diversity (MBTI Step I and Step II Certification, WorkPlace Big Five Profile Certification) and self- leadership. She is an expert and frequent lecturer on these topics.

Lumme-Tuomala defended her DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) dissertation on Talent Management in June 2017.

At Aalto University Executive Education, she is responsible for strategic marketing, communications, and alumni relations.  Additionally, her responsibilities include the development of Talent Management and High Potential concepts and programs.

Her working experience includes Pfizer (HRD Manager 2001 – 2005), Mercuri Urval (2000 – 2001), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Regional Finance Officer, Africa 1995 – 1999).

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala holds a M.Sc. in Economics with a major in International Marketing from the Helsinki School of Economics, and an EMBA from HSE Executive Education.  

Riina Gröhn

Riina Gröhn specializes in developing leaders to increase their self-awareness and self-leadership skills, to understand what in their own leadership style can work for and against them, and to build emotional intelligence in leading others especially during transformation and change. As an ICF Certified Coach, she does leadership and career coaching, and she thrives by coaching individuals in self-discovery, navigating through change, career transformations, and to exceed themselves.

Gröhn is a seasoned leader with 18 years of international working experience in leading and developing people and business in executive education and FMCG industry. She has solid experience on learning and development as well as leading renewal and change in organizations. Working and living in Asia has also given her a good perspective on business development with P&L responsibility as well as building partnerships with an international perspective to Europe and Asia. From working in FMCG industry she has years of experience of leading product development and research and innovation management.

She holds a Master’s of Science and Doctorate in the field of health and biosciences at the University of Eastern Finland and at the University of Helsinki, Institute of Biomedicine. In addition, she studied human resources management, leadership, mindfulness and positive psychology at Cornell University ILR School, Darden School of Business and University of California, Berkeley. She is also ICF certified coach (ACC) and certified for several personality and Leadership Assessments (Hogan Assessments, SHL Personality and Ability (OPQ/Verify) Occupational Testing and Kets De Vries Institute Leadership Development Instruments).

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