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Corporate Startup

What is it?

The Corporate Startup program empowers corporate teams to adopt startup practices and jump-start an entrepreneurial culture in their own organizations. Corporate Startup is an experiential program. It empowers teams to actively search for repeatable and scalable business models for their own organizations. The program immerses participants in developing, testing, and iterating innovative business model hypotheses. This happens through a customer driven process.


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The Corporate Startup program is for multidisciplinary teams. Teams are selected for the program based on commitment level, team composition, and the scalability of the opportunity. The best fit for the program are companies who want to empower their teams to be more entrepreneurial and seek new opportunities. Participants gain stronger customer development skills and a more entrepreneurial and agile mindset.


The program has a flexible duration of 5 to 10 weeks with weekly sessions of 4 hours. Additional customized workshops can be organized on demand.

Further Information

The Corporate Startup program welcomes hungry and innovative corporate teams! Ask for more information!