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Aalto Scale-up Academy

Overcome the scaling barriers and maximize the growth 

All companies have their own unique scaling journey, but challenges they face during that journey are somewhat similar. Depending on the company´s business environment the challenges appears in different stages of the journey. Aalto Scale-up Academy focuses on identifying the company specific scaling barriers and then providing the right tools to overcome the challenges. 
Aalto Scale-up Academy is a 12-week program for Founders, CEOs and management team members of growth companies. We use research-based methods together with business-oriented point of view to analyze deeply your company´s business environment using 12 different vectors.
Our goal is to maximize the scalability by identifying the company´s strengths and competitive advantages. With our team of mentors and instructors you can achieve your future targets and manage to grow sustainably and profitably.

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Find the possibilities for growth and scale up and get support for decision making

Think differently, commercialize and apply business model innovation and agile ways of working

Lead a growing company from the human, strategic and entrepreneurial perspectives

Program Benefits

Aalto Scale-up Academy is the step to take to get your company to the next level. Enroll 2-3 company´s management team members to the program and use these 12-weeks to develop your scaling strategy with the help of our trainers and mentors.

Identify where to target resources to maximize the growth
Gain new tools and frameworks for scaling
Get inspiration and new ideas from experienced trainers and business mentors
Clarify your business strategy and optimize your business processes


  • Companies with ambition and unique offering that are targeting to scale their business internationally  
  • Founders/ CEOs / Key management team members of growth companies        
  • Businesses with demonstrated product market fit and revenue typically between 2 M€ 10 M€

Content and Schedule

The program themes and topics cover the most important vectors scale-up companies need to focus on to successfully grow. During the four “Tools for Scaling” -sessions you will learn about growth company leadership, operational and financial management and marketing and sales strategies. Each theme includes concrete business examples and workshops where you will already start to develop your company regarding these themes. 

The program will be delivered in two-day modules during the 12-week period. Days will be interactive and will include discussions and workshops. Company-specific mentoring sessions can be considered according your own schedules.

Program Structure

Scale-up Analysis

Identify your company´s current state, set future targets, detect the scaling barrios and select the strategic target based on the allocation of resources

Tools for Scaling

Four days of face-to-face sessions with Aalto Scale-up Academy trainers focusing on development of company´s processes and capabilities

Mentoring process

Four private mentoring sessions with Aalto Scale-up Academy mentor selected to support company´s unique scaling journey


Program Fee and Registration

Program start