Digital Future and How to Be Ready for the Disruption It Causes

Dr. Olaf Groth wrote an article for the World Economic Forum.

Natasha Pokidko, 12.02.2018

“AI can find patterns in massive unstructured data sets, improve performance as more data becomes available, identify objects quickly and accurately, and, make ever more and better recommendations and decision-making, while minimizing interference from complicated, political humans. This raises major questions about the degree of human choice and inclusion for the decades to come. How will humans, across all levels of power and income, be engaged and represented? How will we govern this brave new world of machine meritocracy?” asks Dr. Olaf Groth in his article that was published as part of the World Economic Forum. 

Dr. Olaf Groth will cover the topic of disruptive challenges in driving business growth and innovation at the Aalto EE's Advanced Management Program starting in Summer 2018. He is a CEO of and Professor of Strategy, Innovation & Economics at HULT International Business School.

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