Game Executive helps participants to learn about business, leadership, strategy and entrepreneurship in the gaming industry. It prepares them to deal with the challenges of managing and building a successful business and offers them an opportunity to forge meaningful connections with experts in the industry, venture capitalists and other potential partners.

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The Game Executive program is designed to meet the strategic business needs of companies involved in the gaming industry. It is recommended for

  • Directors / founders of game companies or startups
  • Heads of departments / team leaders / managers in the gaming industry
  • Public sector leaders concerned with games, entrepreneurship and funding
  • Professionals involved in the gaming sector, for example in design, marketing, PR, HR, and law firms
  • Other professionals with a potential for, or taking on, managerial and/or leadership roles

 By attending the program, you will

  • Learn about the latest academic research and trends from top professors in the field of business management, leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy, finance, internationalization, marketing and media management
  • Acquire the necessary know-how for managing companies involved in the gaming industry
  • Become more strategic and business savvy
  • Meet and discuss with like-minded people, including experts in the industry
  • Learn how to make the right decisions and avoid crucial mistakes
  • Visit companies and organizations involved in the gaming sector

Absolutely helpful insights into the game startup scene. I learned the essential skills for leading a game startup and the things you need to think about in order to be successful.”

Bogdan Kuznetsov

Co-Founder, Crazy Panda