Heidi Hammarsten

You may have a brilliant game studio and lots of exciting ideas, but to be the next successful gaming studio you will need venture capital and funding. Two seasoned investors, Christian Kolster and Arto Käyhkö reveal how be investable in Games.

Ville Blåfield

"We strive to be the world's number one service in the industry", says Pekka Laurila, the co-founder of the space technology startup Iceye.

Ville Blåfield

“Nothing like this has ever been done before”, says Fabian Sepulveda, Senior Advisor at Aalto ENT.

Reetta Räty

“You hear what works and what doesn’t straight from the customer’s mouth,” says Petri Huikko, Head of Customer Experience and New Services from Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY (now known as Veikkaus). Read their experiences of how service design has kindled new ideas and improved quality.

Aino Tenhiälä

The investment in employees is generally substantial, but how many companies really know what they get in return, says Aino Tenhiälä, Postdoctoral Researcher at Aalto University School of Science.